Goose Vpn Review & Test 2021

Some of their server locations have servers that are specifically dedicated to P2P traffic or streaming. And you can switch between the different languages and VPN protocols. There aren’t a lot of complex options or menus to navigate; just the basics are covered. Very advanced VPN users might wish for more custom options, but for less tech savvy people the simplicity of GOOSE VPN can be seen as a big advantage. GOOSE VPN offer 256-bit encryption, which is the golden standard at the moment. They also allow you to download torrents whilst remaining undetected, and to use the USA version of Netflix even outside of the United States.

Alternatively, you can install GOOSE VPN’s APK manually through your Android phone, put it on a USB or memory card and then insert it into your TV to install. The P2P-optimized servers available include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland. Since GOOSE VPN does not save logs or IP addresses, I felt untraceable and anonymous on ThePirateBay! If you love your torrents, I’d definitely recommend GOOSE VPN. A test for DNS leaks revealed I was safe, and another for IP leaks on revealed that I was facing no breaches. DNS protection is built into the Windows and MacOS apps, but IPv6 leak prevention isn’t.

If one wishes to use it for gaming consoles, he can connect the device with routers, and here you go. However, they don’t provide any browser extensions as it’s not required, if you connect the system with the application. They won’t be taking any liability of any data breaches, which develops a second thought that how to secure the data is if one uses their client.

goose vpn netflix

If you commit for three years, you’ll pay just $2.75 a month. Be aware, however, that the number stay the same no matter what currency you’re using – so those in Dividend the UK will be paying £2.75 a month, which is significantly more. Unfortunately, the only way round this is to travel, or use another VPN to relocate yourself.

Via the UK server, you can also gain access to the BBC iPlayer. To stream US-exclusive content on Netflix, select the USA Streaming server option with the smart server list enabled. Fans of British TV shows can use the UK streaming server, which has proven to work seamlessly with Netflix UK. Tapping the default location opens a list, highlighting which servers are suited for specific applications , and displaying a simple indicator of server load. With different plans available, you can pay as little as $2.75a month for the 3-year plan. If any questions come up, you’ll be happy to know that they offer a 24/7 live chat service.

Once you do this, you enter your email address and then your password. You will get a confirmation mail, so confirm your email address, and you are good to download your apps. The terms of service box are already ticked, and then you click start membership. Even though the company bases itself in the middle of the 9-eyes jurisdiction, they claim to hold zero logs, yet so do many other VPN providers. Protocol support includes OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP.

An Overview Of Goose Vpn Features

This is a good chance to enable your kill-switch, select auto-connect, or disable smart server list. The websites we used – and – successfully reported the IP address and DNS servers that corresponded with the VPN server we were using. From the information on Goose VPN’s website, we can gather that the team lays a lot of stress on customer satisfaction. Customer support—in English, German, and Dutch—is available 24/7 through email and the form in the Support section.

Be sure to test different servers to find the swiftest goose of the flock. We witnessed a slow speed which is a huge setback for any VPN provider. In the age where VPN competition is at an all-time high, Goose VPN should gear up and learn hyperinflation to serve its users with more features. We conclude this review by highlighting some of the astounding features and some questionable ones. Features that recommend Goose VPN only include a wide range of compatibility and Netflix streaming.

goose vpn netflix

Also, there’s no kill switch on the mobile app, so you’ll have to be very careful how you use it. While most VPNs have restrictions on the number of devices you can connect to at the same time, Goose VPN does not. It also has unlimited bandwidth, making Goose VPN one of the easiest ways to protect your connection on every device. It’s unusual to find a VPN provider without restriction on bandwidth and device usage.

Best Alternative To Goose Vpn

But, if you are looking for a simple, affordable VPN, it is not a bad choice. Just like it offers streaming servers, it also offers P2P servers. It also offers unlimited bandwidth, DNS leak protection, Kill switch and a no-logs policy which are all ideal features for downloading torrents securely. Moreover, if you really want to go all out, you can get a two year subscription for the low price of $2,99 a month.

Design and UX match across all platforms, allowing users to adapt quickly to using the VPN on different apps smoothly. Browsing through GOOSE VPN’s servers on offer, it was disappointing to see that there weren’t any in China. Its AES-256-bit encryption technology ensures robust security.

goose vpn netflix

You can also select a language if you are in different countries. The settings button takes you to a separate screen where there are tabbed options. Previously there was a lack of a Kill Switch, however the app for Windows, iOS, and macOS.

Connection Speeds

A map shows the location that you’re connecting through, but it’s not interactive. Instead, you choose from the location list, which delineates the servers that you can use for streaming or P2P. There’s no favorites system either, so you may find yourself scrolling through this list multiple times to find the servers that you like to use. Performance testing was a mixed bag, so Goose VPN is a tough sell if you’re mainly looking for a truly fast VPN. Average speeds in the US seemed to fluctuate widely based on time of day, ranging between 55Mbps during peak hours to 165Mbps off-peak. We found this worked well at blocking internet access when the VPN went down, but didn’t always behave correctly afterwards.

For this reason, Goose VPN is good but only for a niche market. It has solid security offerings, strong encryption, and standard protocol support. Goose VPN protects your internet data and privacy with a 100% no-logging policy that it sticks to. It offers great value with decent speeds and unlimited device connections.

Last but not least, I also tried playing content on Kodi with GooseVPN and that worked out quite well too. But do keep in mind that since there’s no GooseVPN Kodi add-on that you can install, you will have to run Goose VPN in the background when streaming any movie or show on Kodi. When I tried unblocking fibonacci sequence U.S Netflix, I just connected to the “USA, Streaming server” and searched for “Incredibles 2”. Within a couple of seconds, I was able to stream the movie without encountering any buffering issues or proxy errors. If we talk about streaming performance, then Goose VPN would fall into the average category.

  • Kill switch also saves your actual IP address for being temporarily revealed when the VPN is off.
  • If you wish to contact them, you can either go with email, contact form, or best of all, live chat.
  • The speed is always heavily tied to the time of day, but the average results give you a relatively reliable picture.

Not many virtual network services are offering P2P service because of an enormous load on the network. Another plus point is the location where the GOOSE service is based. The Netherlands is a favorite place for many virtual network service providers. The reason is government’s strict policies for privacy, a traditional overall liberal attitude. There are many inferior services in the market with a shady privacy policy and subpar encryption techniques. With features missing, such as a killswitch and such a small server network.

Unblocked: Netflix Us, Uk, Ca, Nl, Hbo Max, Youtube Tv, And Hulu

Goose is based in the Netherlands, which would usually be considered a country with fairly good privacy policies. For example, online censorship is basically nonexistent in the Netherlands. This is thanks to the country’s house of representatives, who have continuously spoken against filtering/censoring online materials. That being said, like many other countries, the Netherlands is still struggling with anti-piracy measures.

Get Around Geographical Blocks With Goose Vpn!

Switching servers is easy and natural; just choose a new location and the client closes any previous connection, and starts a new one. Hand over your email address, enter your payment details (don’t worry, you’re not billed until the trial month goose vpn netflix is up) and your account is immediately created. We downloaded and installed the Windows offering in a couple of minutes. If you turn “smart safe” on while you’re not connected, then connect to the VPN, the feature will automatically turn off.

Is Goose Vpn Good?

The provider separates its streaming servers and P2P servers. The streaming servers are located in Hong Kong, Australia, Poland, Canada, Bulgaria, Austria, and Turkey, where torrenting is not supported. If you want to ensure your P2P activity is protected, be sure to check the list of locations on the Goose VPN site to ensure there is a P2P server located near to you. Although some other VPN providers do offer slightly cheaper monthly plans, Goose is one of the most cost-effective on the market and is more affordable than most of its competition. The provider even offers the first month free, making it one of the best free trials offered by any VPN provider. You will not be charged, but it is necessary to input your credit card or alternative payment details and you will be billed after the 30-days are up.

If you are not familiar, that’s an agreement between 14 different countries to share data. That’s why we’ve based our list around four key criteria that we think every VPN should include as part of their basic services. While additional features are nice, it’s these four features determine whether or not a VPN will do the job that you want it to do. VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, with plans ranging from $2.50 per month for 24 months to $12.95 paid monthly.

The company does what it says it’s going to, offering servers from over 25 different countries to provide a private browsing experience. It has excellent prices, especially if you commit to three years, but more options and configurations would be nice to have and more streaming capabilities. Goose VPN is a comparatively good VPN provider that can keep up with your day-to-day online surfing. It encrypts your data, provides additional security and privacy, and occasionally allows for some great torrenting. If your expectations exceed the essential features a virtual private network usually provides, you should check Goose VPN’s alternatives.

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