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The former largest carrier of the Kharkiv Airport — Aeromost-Kharkiv — is not serving any regular destinations as of 2007[update]. The Kharkiv North Airport is a factory airfield and was a major production facility for Antonov aircraft company.

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The rioters asked the mayor, Hennadiy Kernes, to come out. On 8 January 2015 five men wearing balaclavas broke into an office of (the volunteer group aiding refugees from Donbass) Station Kharkiv.

The first railway connection of Kharkiv was opened in 1869. The first train to arrive in Kharkiv came from the north on 22 May 1869, and on 6 June 1869, traffic was opened on the Kursk–Kharkiv–Azov line. Kharkiv’s passenger railway station was reconstructed and expanded in 1901, to be later destroyed in the Second World War. After the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea the monument to Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny in Sevastopol was removed and handed over to Kharkiv. The Kharkiv Maritime Museum – a museum dedicated to the history of shipbuilding and navigation.

By its territorial expansion on September 6, 2012 the city increased its area from about 310 to 350 square kilometres (120 to 140 sq mi). In the post-World War II period, many of the destroyed homes and factories were rebuilt.

The „National University of Pharmacy“ Museum was founded in Kharkiv on September 15, 2010. The National Technical University „Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute“ Museum was created in Kharkiv on December 29, 1972. The V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Archeology Museum was founded in Kharkiv on March 20, 1998.

There are two mosques including the Kharkiv Cathedral Mosque and one Islamic center in Kharkiv. There is the old Kharkiv Choral Synagogue, which was fully renovated in Kharkiv in 1991–2016. The Jewish комментарии харьков population is around 8000 people in Kharkiv. The Roman Catholic St. Mary Cathedral was built in Kharkiv in 1887–1892. The St. Valentine Orthodox Cathedral was built in Kharkiv in the 2010s.

Simultaneously with physical threats the men demanded to hear the political position of Station Kharkiv. After having been given an answer, the men apologized and left.

Khartron is the leading designer of space and commercial control systems in Ukraine and the former CIS. The international industrial exhibitions are usually conducted at the Radmir Expohall exhibition center in Kharkiv.

The V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University History Museum was established in Kharkiv in 1972. There is a special alley with metal hand prints by комментарии харьков popular movies actors at Shevchenko park in Kharkiv. From 1907 to 2008, at least 86 feature films were shot in the city’s territory and its region.

The Vasyl N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is the most prestigious reputable classic university, which was founded due to the efforts by Vasily Karazin in Kharkiv in 1804–1805. 17 January] 1805, the Decree on the Opening of the Imperial University in Kharkiv came into force. Barabashovo market is the largest market комментарии харьков in Ukraine and one of the largest markets in Europe. Kharkiv is also the headquarters of one of the largest Ukrainian banks, UkrSibbank, which has been part of the BNP Paribas group since December 2005. Also, the number of active IT companies in the region to be 445, five of them employing more than 601 people.


  • At first the settlement was self-governed under the jurisdiction of a voivode from Chuhuiv that is 40 kilometres (25 mi) to the east.
  • Mid-June 1919 Anton Denikin’s White movement Volunteer Army captured the city.
  • In December 1919 the Bolshevik Red Army recaptured Kharkiv.
  • The first Kharkiv voivode was replaced in two years after constantly complaining that locals refused to cooperate in building the fort.

Arriving in Leningrad, the main character, in addition to the usual pre-revolutionary buildings, sees the Gosprom – a symbol of a new era. Kharkiv sponsors the prestigious Hnat Khotkevych International Music Competition of Performers of Ukrainian Folk Instruments, which takes place every three years. Since 1997 four tri-annual competitions have taken place. The 2010 competition was cancelled by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture two days before its opening. Academic choir of Kharkiv Philharmonic named after V. Palkin and chief leader of choir, prize winner of the all-Ukrainian choir masters contest, Andriy Syrotenko.

About City

Also, owing to this law, over 200 streets have been renamed in Kharkiv since 20 November 2015. On 23 September 2015, 200 people in balaclavas and camouflage picketed the house of former governor Mykhailo Dobkin, and then went to Kharkiv town hall, where they tried to force their way through the police cordon.

The city has rather sunny, warm summers which, however, are relatively mild compared to temperatures in South European regions, due to the region’s lower elevation, proximity to the Black Sea, and the city’s latitude. Feldman Park was created in recent years, containing a big collection of animals, horses, etc. In 2007, the city’s Vietnamese minority built the largest Buddhist temple in Europe on a 1 hectare plot with a monument to Ho Chi Minh.

A number of world-renowned scientific schools appeared in Kharkiv, such as the theoretical physics school and the mathematical school. More than 17,000 faculty and research staff are employed in the institutions of higher education in Kharkiv.

Soviet Nationality Policy, Urban Growth, and Identity Change in the Ukrainian SSR, . Kharkiv was a capital of the Soviet Ukraine for some 15 years in 1919–1934. There are large stables and horse riding facilities at Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv. Kharkiv is served by Kharkiv International Airport has been granted international status.

The Kharkiv Puppet Theatre (The Kharkiv State Academic Puppet Theatre named after VA Afanasyev) is the first puppet theatre in the territory of Kharkiv. The Kharkiv Theatre of the Young Spectator (now the Theatre for Children and Youth) is one of the oldest theatres for children. The Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after N. There is the educational „Landau Center“, which is named after Prof. L.D. Landau, Nobel laureate in Kharkiv. In addition to the libraries affiliated with the various universities and research institutions, the Kharkiv State Scientific V. Korolenko-library is a major research library.

The St. Pokrovsky Orthodox Monastery Cathedral was created in Kharkiv in 1689–1729. The St. Assumption Orthodox Cathedral was built in Kharkiv in the 1680s and re-built in 1820s-1830s. There are many old and new cathedrals, associated with various churches in Kharkiv. The St. Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral is one of the tallest Orthodox churches in the world, which was built in Kharkiv on October 2, 1888.

The St. Trinity Orthodox Cathedral was built in Kharkiv in 1758–1764 and re-built in 1857–1861. The St. Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral is one of the tallest Orthodox churches in the world.

Besides, there are 22 large companies with the workers’ number ranging from 201 to 600. More than half of IT-companies located in the Kharkiv region fall into “extra small” category with less than 20 persons engaged. The list is compiled with 43 medium ( employers) and 105 small companies (21-80). Multipurpose aircraft are produced by the Antonov aircraft manufacturing plant. The Malyshev factory produces not only armoured fighting vehicles, but also harvesters.

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The Mayor of Kharkiv is elected by direct public election in Kharkiv every four years. Panoramic view of central district in Kharkiv, showing the Northern building of V. N. Karazin National University, Kharkiv Palace hotel building, and Kharkiv hotel buildings.

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