What Does Rtc Connecting Means In Discord And How To Fix That?

Simply your access to discord is blocked by the Network Admin on the network you’re on. Check to see if you’re able to connect to the voice channel on any other network. If this is the case the discord might be blocked by your network admin.

  • This tool just by discord keeps saying rtc connecting scanning once detect and fix various Windows error like application errors, DLL errors, protect your PC from viruses and malware infection and much more.
  • Another cause of Discord No Route error could be third-party applications like AV tools, firewall, and their habit to blacklist the Discord application.
  • You can also try to use VPN services to change the location of your services and see if the region is the issue since the region can be restricted.

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Game Failed To Launch Error, Steaminitializationfailed Fix

Last but not least, always keep your Windows OS up-to-date. Some users say that after installing the latest Windows update, they fixed this HOI4 Crashing. Now, double-click the Display Adapters to list all the video cards on your PC.

Discord Stuck On Rtc Connecting

If every website works except for Discord, you can try to improve the connection with a VPN. VPN servers tend to have a stable connection and a negligible downtime. The Windows Firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your computer files and resources. But it can also block some unharmful traffic accidentally, making it a suspect for the “RTC Connecting” error.

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